what are we doing?

we always create solutions to our customers’ needs that they aim. we gain extraordinary results. how do we do this?

digital information screen

Digital Information Systems (DigitalSignage) become essential through today’s technology. It is used as whether indoor or outdoor. Generally aimed usages are direction notification, marketing, advertisement and location notification.

Indoor areas of usage are usually buildings like big buildings, airports, hotels and shopping malls. Regarding these areas, it is mainly used as informative. Most popular types of use are for airports; list of aircraft take off-landing,  advertisement broadcasting, immediate informing, for malls; shop introduction, product guidance and advertisement, promotion advertising, for hotels; airport & weather forecast notifications, meeting lists, meeting room guidance and informing.

how does it work?

Information scenes Technologies consist of 3 separate structure. It has a function of gathering information like main server airport, weather forecast, exchange rate on web, arranging these and transferring to local servers. Local servers exist within relevant institutions/buildings, manages units of screening and hold managing software where content editing is provided. It gets actual necessary data from web server and then transfers to units of screening. Screening units are sized with respect to quality of data planned to be displayed. It is provided that data or advertisement reaches to correct place at correct time by using information scenes changing up to 40,42,46,55 inches in lobby, big saloons/hallways in addition to scenes like 18,20,22,23 inches used within lift or in front of meeting room.

Radisson Blu Hotel İstanbul Pera
Radisson Blu Hotel İstanbul Şişli
Swissotel İzmir Büyük Efes
project development

Software systems today composes a critical and essential piece of mobile devices, computer systems used in very large areas as air freight, communication systems, company management, health, industry of automotive, food, entertainment, accommodation.

egegen Software Development team aims design, improvement and turning into a product of software systems within the frame of engineering principals.

Since computer systems and mobile devices are intensely and effectively used at every point of daily life, software development applications are developed in terms of all disciplines.

egegen Project team who is experienced in developing desktop, web and mobile device software, manages all periods from Project forming to test period on behalf of yourself in relation to your company’s demands.

Following technology continuously to provide regularity in terms of either equipment or software projects put into practice, our team continues to serve for you constantly.

Our Project team consists have a large staff of  Project Coordinator, Software development experts, Design Experts, Database Experts, System Support Experts, Interface Developing Experts, under signed many important projects in terms of software languages like C, C++, C#, Delphi, ASP/ASPX, PHP, Go, Python, Java, XCode within Windows, Linux, Android and OSX platforms.


domain and hosting

We are changing concept of hosting at Turkey! Our company which only services to corporate companies by its boutique hosting service, always promises to be your company’s assurance at web with very special service options for you and guarantee of 99.9% continuous service through 24 hours 7 days 365 days of the year.

domain: Today together with domains above 1000 and it is servicing for, is able to register your institutions’’ names on domain extensions which are above 100. Searching, finding the most available domain name for you, best name on behalf of your company or yourself could be registered. We perform domain registry, follow and management and any kind of work between backorder and domain on behalf of you.

hosting: egegen Internet Solutions can answer any kind of your demands with professional hosting solutions. We service for 10 years to many of our customers where there exists biggest companies as well. It brings you the best proper solution for your company with Turkey, Europe and America location server options. You can entrust with quietness your work to professionals with full management system.

mail : All kinds of support are ensured for your e-mail users to reach their emails from any place. In addition to POP3 - SMTP - IMAP – Exchange support, it is ensured that you can reach your emails with web based mailbox application at anyplace which has web connection. By continuously scanning mails received at server, unfavorable emails are blocked. We present 0 spam guarding guarantee with our special spam guarding options. With our backup options, your mail and documents are backed up as daily, monthly and annually.

support services: 24 hours of day, we present exact solutions with our services of connection by your phone, by your support emails or by remote desktop.

Our company offers Corporate Cloud Solutions.

egegen Internet Solutions is a Microsoft and Google business partner.

web design and programming

Web pages are today most effective tools ensuring introduction of your individual or corporate attempts. When we think of where technology is today, to predict how effective this popular tool can be is not so difficult. In addition to global introduction of companies, web pages have characteristics like;

  • To announce up-to-date company news
  • To ensure connection with minor corporations like distributor/service
  • To make a product or service’s sale possible by e-trade characteristic
  • To be able to meet personnel need
  • To contact directly with ultimate user

Because of this intense use web pages currently can reach users unconscious mind. Nowadays individual or corporate attempts’ web pages have an important effect on users with regard to first impression. For example, by thinking of a web page’s design, speed and functionality, users can predict “level of corporate nature of a company and how Professional it is”

We pursue newest design trends for web pages we performed and first of all we consider in-site access and easiness to use. You can be one move ahead of your rivals with a web page prepared by the signature of egegen Internet Solutions.

As egegen Internet Solutions we closely and continuously follow the last point technology has reached in terms of web design and programming at our Izmir and Istanbul offices.

responsive web design

Day by day rates are increasing in terms of reaching web pages by smart phones and tablets which entered in our life with developing technology. According to researches, in the future this rate will pass connection rates performed by desktop and laptops. Connection from different devices and different screen resolutions that these devices have got, created understanding of Responsive Web Design for web pages. Responsive Web Design is shortly to reshape smartly with respect to screen sizes that web pages are opened through.

As egegen Internet Solutions we develop web of these futures that have a great importance today.


mobile application

Fast growing technology today created strong changes in our web habits. Many people would like to reach information immediately. In this sense smart phones and tablets gained a significant number of users both in our country and the world. We put your ideas into practice within digital world by developing applications which will work on these popular technologic devices having its whole power from web and mobile applications developed.

You can ensure that your brand is reaching more users with applications special for you and you can offer smartest applications with application interfaces fitting in global design trends to your users.

Regarding mobile application solutions, while increasing functionality of your application by using many functions like photo-video gallery, map applications, push notification, in-app purchasing-mobile shopping features we can also add solutions in order to increase your functionality on social networks and make users follow you via social networks by creating social network integration

At new trends of new world we create technology for you and you just enjoy it.


social media

We ensure brands we work reach their intended population in digital world with the easiest and truest method. We help our brands be one move ahead of their rivals with projects we performed according to needs of them.

Building a bridge between consumers and brands we make our brands “lovebrand” by delivering our brands voice to more people with right address. In this sense we help our brands voice becomes higher.

In order to understand how our customers evaluate us and what they talk about our brand in digital world, we become our brands eye and ear in social media. While rescuing our brand from ordinariness with strategies we form with respect to analysis and data that we prepared on behalf of our brand, eluding from our rivals, we make our brand first to come back ones’ memory by our customers’ side.

We contribute to our brands image by creative solutions through foreseeing problems that our brands may expose at social media.

On behalf of our brand, pursuing actual developments, and ensuring fastest adaptation to those, we think how can we do better one. Forming platforms on which we can practice our ideas, we service our brands 360 degree within digital world. Dreaming for our brands, we are ensuring our brands make difference in digital world by software that will carry our dreams to reality.


seo and online reputation management

When you search for your company, brand, product or yourself on Google, do not meet irritant results. By online reputation management, we ensure search results with specified key words are in a nature you desired and thus prevent prestige loses that you may expose.

In addition to technical and content regulation that is to be practiced on your web page, online reputation management studies include new pages that are added to search results, social media studies and even legal counseling. Then it is ensured that your prestige is always at highest level.

We ensure you reach the result you aim at the fastest way, by reporting results and operations to you regularly.

seo (search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization ensures your web page is listed at aimed positions regarding relevant search terms on Google and so you can increase your company prestige as you can also gain new sales.

Your web page is analyzed in terms of many issues as both for content and codification and then best developments are planned for it. Works by calendaring ensures your web page is rising at its best way and consistently. Ensuring rises which are gained permanently makes SEO an essential marketing tool. Although it is for sales objective and our company aims ensuring brand awareness and prestige increase, SEO is the best solution.

Best strategies are determined with consultancy services that our expert staff provides and reports you by updating both within and outside of your webpage. True strategy for your company with regard to Seo services is very important; a search engine optimization without strategy may result in significant prestige loses.

Prefer us for rising on Google without risk taking.

e-mail marketing services

As egegen Internet Solutions, regarding mass e-mailing services we have business partnership with worldwide known American IBM SilverPop system. SilverPop is most used and preferred mass e-mailing service in the world. Company having strong connections with ISP companies more than 1000 in the world is unrivaled in terms of sending rate.

Today egegen Internet Solutions has mass e-mailing service for main hotels of Turkey by studies it performs at Izmir and Istanbul offices.

After arranging and coding it in terms of Picture/Photo and HTML, mail scheme that you will determine or we will design upon inquiry, test email sending is done to have our customers’ confirmation. At the end of confirmation after test email are sent, mails are sent to user list that you have delivered us.

After emails are sent, we have optional reporting services. Within reporting service, there are titles like how many people mail has reached to, how many people has read, how many people has reached web page via email sent etc.

At the end of studies that our System-Support specialist makes, all of emails reach Inbox directly whatever which e-mail server it is. Sector list mostly serviced for is below;

  • Travel & Tourism
  • E-trade
  • Financial Services
  • Pension & Insurance
  • Retail
  • Building and Construction
  • Automotive
  • Media and Consultancy
after-sales support

Support Department adopts customer satisfaction as a principle by aiming to provide best service at shortest time. All progress and update services that you would like to make it done for your web page is main objective of our department.

Proper to current technology, after finishing web page that is formed; it is submitted to Support Department. In case you submit your requests in terms of a change or update on your web page, those will be completed at the shortest time.

Services of our Support Department;

  • Content management
  • HTML/CSS and Photo editing
  • Developing Modules
  • Daily web page maintenance
  • Google Analytics follow-up
  • IT Consultancy
  • Back up

We use ticket system in order to provide best and fastest service to our customers and to accelerate function of Support Department. Support inquiries you have sent via this system are sorted and directs to relevant person with respect to our technical team’s expertise field. By ticket system, we provide fastest and top-quality service from the most right person.

adwords and ınternet marketing

Determine your location of company by Internet Marketing. You can be one move ahead of your rivals with internet marketing which can be used for whether developing brand awareness or increasing your sales,

google search network ads

There are some important points that distinguish Google AdWords from other advertisement types. By using AdWords: You can reach your customers at the very time of your services immediately when they search at Web. You advertisement is shown to users who are looking for goods and services like you offer. So, getting back possibility from relevant users is higher. You can select on which web pages and geographic areas (cities even districts) your web page will be accessible. By Google AdWords you can reach 80% of Turkey Web users and then consumers looking for your products can reach you much easier and faster.

As egegen, certified Google Adwords experts manage your Google Adwords advertisements and provide regular optimization. So you can get highest level of efficiency of your advertisements. By one-to-one service we provide you can reach an expert, learn any information and get reports about your new ideas and advertisements whenever you want.

google display network ads

By Google Adwords Content Network Advertisements, in addition to Google business partners (gmail), your advertisements can be published in a million of web page which accept advertisement. Your advertisements can be published as text, banner or video or focused on private transformation.


Your advertisements can both be aimed in terms of geographic regions and also people’s interest area, web page addresses, subject of their web pages or web history of users (Remarketing). By Google Adwords Content Network Advertisements, while increasing your brand awareness, we can also increase your sales and provide most correct way for your brand positioning. Our experts are waiting you to give most correct strategies to you and getting highest performance through advertisements.