The Parma Hotel Taksim Digital Signage System March, 24 2014

By the request of The Parma Hotel Taksim, Gen Technology Solutions set 9 monitors to the hotel. Those monitorsare placed to the reception, guest relations, meeting rooms and elevator. In this way The Parma Hotel introduce to thier guests with  new service concept. Monitors were designed coherently to interior design of hotel. In this way, guests experienced the technology in estetic level.  With the mnitors which are placed in to the lobby,  guests are directed easily to on events which are organized at The Parma Hotel.

Hotel is providing persistent information flow from the  monitors on meeting rooms.  The Parma Hotel presented monitor implemantation in elevators with using special device system which is created and designed by Gen Technology Solutions.

You can explore the visuals about this work from Customers page.