who we are?

egegen as a symbol of a dream and objective has started its business at Izmir pearl of Aegean that contributes its title by 2000s.  State of combining egegen’s imagination and web & technology infiniteness made egegen popular first of all at Istanbul and then whole country. While young and hopeful team is non-stop continuing to work in order to be “best”, it showed that territory boundaries could be overstepped.

egegen who started this episode about 15 years ago, currently is servicing various both domestic and foreign companies in different sectors.

While egegen tries to service with mission of “newest and best” it also modernizes itself as proper to this development. egegen turned his face to “future” in order to be always in existence and sustain his success.

Your dreams and thoughts are important for us, and we truly help the thing you want to come in view

egegen always worked by this objective and will continue to work henceforward.